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The Treasury

What is the Treasury

The treasury is like the operating funds of a business, they have to be carefully considered and managed. Bad treasury management can be the difference between a successful project and a failure. Mold have a team of experts who deal with P&L and Accounts on a daily basis, ensuring the treasury is healthy and well maintained

Why is the Treasury important

The Treasury plays a very important role in Mold Finances functions. There are three core things the treasury provides:
  • The treasury functions as an additional financial support for the RFV. This additional support can become important in the event of an extreme price drop of the Mold token. If required the treasury can be used as an additional reserve
  • Mold finance is a progressive crypto project, looking for innovative ways to reward investors. Part of the treasury is used to develop these innovations
  • In a saturated crypto market one of the key things is to 'get yourself known'. The treasury helps fund marketing, increasing awareness, bringing more prospective investors to the project and ensuring a positive token valuation and MC