Mold Finance

Liquidity System

Why we need liquidity

One of the key elements of a successful token is liquidity!
If there is no liquidity the token cannot be bought and sold, which proves a fundamental issue...
When the token is first launched liquidity is added and everything is great, the only thing that needs to be cared for is ensuring sufficient liquidity is always in place.

Automatic Liquidity System

Mold Finance has integrated an automatic liquidity system that ensures that as buys and sells occur funds are reserved for adding to liquidity as part of our investor first ethos. As the amount of liquidity drops, more liquidity as a MOLD/BNB pair is added.
Continuing to add to the liquidity is also part of the commitment to a solid project for our investors

Locked Liquidity

Mold Finance also make sure that liquidity is locked with a 3rd party provider. This means that once added, the only way to access the liquidity during the lock period is buying and selling. It means that the team cannot go and drain the liquidity and continue on their merry way (a rug pull)....
The team have a number of anti-rugpull mechanisms in place so Mold Finance investors know that their funds are going to a dedicated project