Mold Finance

Claiming ADA Rewards

How to claim ADA Rewards on Mold.Finance

How to Claim

First navigate to the dashboard in your web3 compatible browser (Edge/Chrome/Brave/Metamask/Trust Wallet Browser) -
Next Select Account in the Title Bar
If your wallet isn't already connected (ensure you are on Binance Smart Chain Network) then click Connect Wallet
Your dashboard will show your wallet specific details
You will see how much ADA you have to claim under 'Claimable ADA Rewards'
If you have a balance to claim, you can now select Claim ADA Rewards
You will be asked to confirm your transaction in your compatible wallet and the ADA will then be sent to you
You can keep track of the rewards in the Lifetime ADA Rewards section which contains the balance of ADA rewards you have claimed since the start
Go enjoy your rewards!