Mold Finance

How ADA Rewards Work


ADA rewards are an additional reward on top of the 1,250,000% APY delivered in $MOLD token at every rebase.
A snapshot is taken at a specific interval every 24 hours to confirm all wallets holding $MOLD and also the quantity of tokens held. As long as the token is in your wallet at snapshot time you will receive the ADA reward for that day.

Reward Amount

The amount of ADA rewarded to each holder is calculated across a number of metrics, with the primary metric being the number of $MOLD tokens held in a wallet.

Tracking ADA Rewards

In the Mold Finance ( ) dashboard with your wallet connected navigate to the Account section. In here you can see the ADA you have accrued since your last claim and also how much you have received in all time.

Claiming ADA Rewards

From the same location you can click the button to claim your ADA rewards. You will be prompted to confirm the transaction in your attached WEB3 wallet and the ADA will then be sent to your wallet. See a step by step guide here

Using Your ADA Rewards

Its yours.... do whatever you like with it!