Mold Finance

Dual Currency Rewards

MOLD is the first Dual Currency Reward Titano Fork on the Binance Smart Chain
Simply hold $MOLD in your wallet to start earning rewards

What this means

At Mold finance we understand that single token rewards means that profitability for our investors lives and dies with the token price.
By adding in a dual currency reward it helps protect investors against dumps by paying a portion of rewards in a secondary currency. This coupled with our innovative supply solution makes Mold Finance a sustainable project, in it for the long term
Mold Finance offers Cardano (ADA) as the second currency.
Rewards are viewable in the Mold finance dashboard so you can keep track of all your earnings!
The experienced team will continue to monitor the metrics of the project and make the necessary adjustments to ensure Mold Finance investors continue to be rewarded regardless of market conditions